Open Source Medical Supplies (OSMS) – Barrow

Open Source Medical Supplies (OSMS) – Barrow

The OSMS-Barrow project is a collaborative effort by a team of innovative Barrow County School System teachers and local makers who are dedicated to donating their time and talents to supporting our area’s first responders and healthcare providers during the COVID-19 medical crisis with open source medical supplies created through non-traditional manufacturing procedures primarily consisting of 3D Printing.

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As personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies run low or become unstable during the current coronavirus pandemic, capable and concerned citizens across the country are forming regional Open Source Medical Supply groups to support their local first responders and healthcare providers with alternative emergency PPE equipment and safety devices to fill the void creating if and when standard equipment becomes unavailable. Such a group has come together in Barrow County (OSMS-Barrow) and are working with local first responders through the Winder Police Department, and the North Georgia Health System to help provide support as needed.

Founding OSMS-Barrow Members include:

Ashley Bailey, BCSS – Center for Innovative Teaching
Lee Bane, BCSS – Director of Innovative Learning
Malcolm Elavia, Georgia PropellorHeads
Cody Flanagan, Georgia PropellorHeads
Matt Flanders, BCSS – Apalachee High School
Kim Garren, BCSS – Winder-Barrow High School
Steven Griffing, BCSS – Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology
Ben Manning, BCSS – Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology

So far, components for 150 reusable protective “Montana Mask” kits have been created and will soon be delivered to the Winder Police department.

Open communications are well underway between the group and the North Georgia Medical System regarding the production and donation of 3D printed protective equipment including face shields designed by the University of California at San Francisco and reusable “Montana Masks” designed by Dr. Dusty Richardson, Dr. Spencer Zaugg and Colton Zaugg.

Detailed research and documentation for these designs being produced by the PSMS-Barrow Team can easily be found online.

Montana Mask
UCSF Face Shield

Donations are currently being accepted
Your donations will help to offset the costs of the materials needed to produce these open source (free) medical supplies. Those specific materials include, but are not limited to:

Plastic Filament (PLA or PETG)
Transparent Acetate Sleeves
7”x1/8” Non-Latex Rubber Bands

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The Montana Mask:  A 3D-printed, professionally-validated and tested, N-95 mask for first responders
Face Mask

UCSF Face Shield: A 3D-printed face shield to protect medical professionals and first responders