The “Building Our Future” Project

The Building Our Future Project (originally called the CFIT Campus Development Project) is an exciting fundraising effort led by the Barrow Community Foundation in partnership with Barrow County Schools, ArtsNow, and corporate and community leaders to create a modern, integrated, ADA-accessible destination park and playground in Northeast Georgia near the city of Winder.

Project planning began back in 2019. The fundraising campaign “Building our Future” launched in Spring of 2022, and community and business interest in the project has been overwhelming!

Please see our new campaign video to learn more about this exciting project:


Latest News

The “Building Our Future” Campaign Has Officially Launched!
The Barrow Community Foundation has officially launched the Building Our Future fundraising campaign to raise $4 Million for the CFIT campus destination park and playground. Interest and support from community and business leaders in Barrow County has been overwhelmingly positive. If you have interest in donating to this exciting project, please contact us.

CFIT Development Strategic Planning Task Force
A strategic task force of business, government and community leaders have been working diligently with BCF to finalize a 5-year strategic plan for the CFIT Campus Development Project. BCF has also enlisted the help of First Community Development, a consulting group who has successfully raised funds for many large projects around Atlanta. We’re excited about the progress of the plan and we anticipate beginning the final fundraising phase of the project in the Spring of 2022.

Modern, Sustainable Interior and Exterior Design
The Sustainable Design Collaborative of Atlanta chose the Center for Innovative Teaching as its “Project of the Year” and continues to develop both the interior and exterior plans of the complex. In addition, The University of Georgia’s Landscape Design program has chosen CFIT as their summer design project for 2020!

Project Goals & Vision

A Place Where Community and Learning Play Together

CFIT will be a place…
Where Arts come into play
Where Learning comes into play
Where Innovation comes into play
Where Community comes into play
Where YOU come into play

Project Goals
– Collectively reinvent the old Russell Middle School property into an innovative community learning hub.
– Build social infrastructure to shape the way that people interact and spend time together.
– Capitalize on our local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential to create a space that will contribute to
people’s health, happiness, and well being.
– Earn Winder & Barrow County the proper recognition as a family-oriented community and arts destination.
– Reinforce the school system’s commitment to being integral to the success and positive growth of the community.


Proposed Exterior Design & Features

Please note: The following designs are illustrative in nature and may vary slightly from the final project.

More exterior designs coming soon…

Connectivity with Downtown Winder

The City of Winder is planning a sidewalk connection with the CFIT Campus Development.
This would provide key access from the CFIT park to downtown Winder shops and restaurants.

Proposed Interior Design & Features


CFIT Campus Development Strategic Plan (PDF)
SDCA Campus Development Vision Book (PDF)
UGA Exterior Design Proposal (PDF)