About Us

We empower our community by connecting donors who care to worthy causes that matter

For over 13 years, Barrow Community Foundation has served as a positive force for giving in Barrow

Barrow Community Foundation was formed in 2006 following a countywide gathering of business, educational, elected and spiritual leaders.  Through an intense two day session, guidance was created for three distinct paths that we needed to on-board: Economic Development, Community Development, and Workforce Development.

As a part of Community Development, it was recommended that a community foundation was needed, as an outlet and as a community support vehicle.  Many times, residents looked for a place to contribute to their community, but had no recourse. Many times, there were needs within the community that couldn’t be met.  The Foundation was the way to accomplish both requirements. The Foundation was established and approved through the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) 3 Tax Exempt organization.

The Foundation has grown over the years, mostly through directed holdings given to be used as scholarships.  More recently however, the Foundation’s growth has accelerated through a renewed interest in giving across Barrow County, as well as generous donations from private donors, businesses and organizations.


Partnership is a choice and we allow you to forge that bond in different ways. Philanthropic donations can be directed to a specific project or you may choose to allow the Foundation to determine the best use of the funds you have entrusted to us.

Ways to Give